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Types of shots in Makidoo

To understand what the icons in front of the plans mean

When you start a new project by choosing a scenario corresponding to your need, you start on our vertical timeline.


Several types of plans do exist in Makidoo :

scenario-genericCredits : An element to place at the beginning or the end of your video. You can add it yourself, importing it, or give it to us so we link it to your account. For more informations, consult this page.


scenario-film-unmuteInterview : You’ll ear the sound of this shot, it will automatically take the lead against the music you chose at the beginning of the project.


scenario-film-muteIllustration : You won’t ear the sound of this shot, the music you chose will automatically take the lead.



scenario-interIntertitle : It’s an element that will allow you to « cut » or give rythm to your video. It can also be used to ask a question. For more informations go to this page.


B-Roll : You can take a first shot in which only the sound will be used. Then, your illustrations will play on this sound shot.


scenario-film-voixOffSound shot : The first shot of a B-Roll is always a sound shot.


scenario-voixOff-childB-Roll child / Illustration : those shots will be played with your sound shot. As the illustration mentioned before, the sound of your videos won’t be played, you’ll ear the sound of your sound shot.

If your « sound shot » lasts longer than your b-roll childs, you’ll have a moment at the beginning of your sequence where the « sound shot » will appear visually in your final video.

To avoid that, always make sure that the length of group of b-roll childs lasts longer than your sound shot.