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Credits and intertitles in Makidoo

What is a credit and an intertitle ?


A credit is an element used at the beginning or the end of your video. 

He is there to remind the entity that produced the video. 

If you subscribe to Makidoo App, we can create credits for you so your projects can be really professional looking.

You can also import an existing credit to use it in Makidoo App.

We give you the opportunity to create your credits by yourself and for free with this dedicated page.




An intertitle is an element inside your video. 

It is used to « cut » your video or to ask a question. 

We can also create it for you, respecting your colors. 

We can pre-fill your intertitres with questions or just let it blank so you can add any text you want with our text edition tool.

Blank intertile

Pre-fill intertitle