Add a shot in a project

All you have to know about adding a shot in a project

Once you’ve chose the scenario corresponding to your project, you have to add shots in it.

You can move to our types of plans page if you want to learn more about it. 

When you click on a plan, informations are given to you so you can capture your video in better conditions.

  1. 1.A picture showing you how much perspective you have to take.
  2. 2.Informations about the range of view of your shot.
  3. 3.A duration about this shot. It’s only an advise, you can do shorter or longer.
  4. 4.A short text to explain you what to do

After reading all those informations, you just need to click on  "Do my shot".

This button offers you 3 options :

  • Camera : Take your shot directly with your camera, from Makidoo app
  • Phone library : Take a shot from your phone library
  • My raw footage : Use again a video you already used in the app.

For more informations about your raw footage, go to this page.

You can also import an exported video in a new project.