Add a picture on a shot

Picture adding tool

To access to the picture adding tool, once the cut of your shot is ok, click on the button located in the bottom left corner of your screen. 

Your screen automatically rotates to finish horizontally.


The picture adding tool is available on the upper left corner of your screen.

You are asked to select your picture from your phone library. If it’s not already done, you’ll have to authorize the app to access to your library first.


Once added, you can place it with your fingers. If needed, you can also enlarge it or shrink it by widening or pinching your fingers 


By clicking on the picture, you’ve got 3 options :

  • Align your picture
  • Choose the time when the picture appears and disappears
  • Delete the picture

You can add several pictures with several customizations. 

Once you’re done, just click on "Completed". 

Be careful : You won’t see your picture on your shot once you’ve completed it. Makidoo App will add it to your video when exporting it, at the end of your process.